Aileen Bormel


Aileen Bormel of Baltimore sits on the Youth Aliyah Team and the Stewardship Committee within the Youth Aliyah Team. She also serves on the National Board of Hadassah. In addition, Aileen serves on the Jewish Education Team. She also volunteers at the Hadassah resale store in Baltimore.

Some of Aileen’s past positions in Hadassah include co-chair of Hadassah Israel Travel for national Hadassah (she has led many Israel trips and has been to Israel 15 times), co-chair of the Society of Major Donors and president of Hadassah Greater Baltimore. Aileen helped to plan the Physician Council and Nurses and Allied Health pre-trip to Israel, which preceded the 2022 Hadassah convention in Israel. Aileen served on the team for the 2022 Hadassah National Convention in Israel. She currently sits on the Board of Hadassah Greater Baltimore, where she has held many positions.

Aileen volunteered at the Jewish Museum of Maryland and in her synagogue, along with her rabbi, co-facilitated the Sulam Young Adult Leadership Program.