Marcie Natan

New York Tristate

Marcie Natan currently serves as the Youth Aliyah Chair and is a Past National President of Hadassah. Zionism and love for Israel are in Marcie Natan’s heart. And Hadassah is in her DNA. Marcie joined Hadassah and rose to President of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region. A former National Vice President, she has also served as Chair of Planned Giving & Estates, Major Gifts, Unit Assessment, and Hadassah College. Her positions have included National President’s Training Chair, National Secretary, and National Treasurer. Marcie has traveled to Israel more than 100 times, including visits during both intifadas and the 2006 Lebanon War. Her time in Israel has intensified her passion and honed the perspective she has brought to Hadassah’s National Board and Executive Committee, and the Hadassah Foundation Board.